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Dog Grooming Services in Pompano Beach, FL

If you are looking for a pet groomer in Pompano Beach, FL, then look no further than Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming Pompano Beach. Our professional pet groomers deliver tailored service with a delicate touch to have your pet looking and feeling their best. Our experts groom all breeds of dogs. Whether your pet requires a simple wash and teeth brushing appointment, or it is time for a little bit of additional pampering, our dedicated staff is here to assist with each of your needs for dog grooming. We offer a clean, safe, and courteous place to freshen up your dog. During the time of scheduling, please specify your dog's age, temperament, and size category in order to better help us pair you with the correct groomer and solutions. Set up your appointment today.

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Grooming Services

Full-Service Grooming

For the dog that wants to feel pampered. The full-service groom includes: bath, brush out, blow out, and cut to your specifications. It also includes nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

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Mini Groom

For the dog that needs a little pampering but mostly wants to DIY. The mini groom includes: bath, brush out, and blow out. Face, feet, and sanitary area trim. It also includes nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

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Luxury Baths

For the more casual maintenance pooches that still deserve some pampering. The luxury bath includes: bath, brush out, blow out. It also includes nail trim and file, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

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Tub T-Day Bath Specials (Tuesday's & Thursday's)

For the wallet conscious pet parent who knows their dog sees eves some pampering. The tub t-day bath special includes: bath, brush out, blow out. It also includes nail clip, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

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Add On Services

For the dogs that want to go the extra mile. Must be added on top of your basic package. For example: creative grooming, de shedding treatments, mud baths, etc.

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Stand Alone Services

For the little pick me ups for on the go dogs. These can be done on their own without a basic grooming package. For example: nail trimming and/or filing, gland expression, face trim, nail painting.

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Doodle and Poodle Grooming

As we all know, these new designer breeds come with their own specific requirements for grooming and must be categorized separately from our standard grooming services. If you own a poodle or derivation of a poodle, please select from the the POODLE/DOODLE menu.

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Puppy Grooming

We highly recommend bringing your puppies to the groomer from an early age. Getting them acclimated to the process of grooming is one of the biggest kindness you can do for your pet. Up until 5 months, we will only perform mini grooms to allow their coat to grow out healthy. Mini grooms are minimally invasive grooming procedures like bathing, drying, nail, and sanitary trims. These provide an opportunity for your pup to get used to the sounds and feelings of grooming, preparing them for a successful first FULL groom after they’ve reached 5 months of age.

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